How To Stretch Tight Hip Flexors

hipflexorsStrained or torn hip flexors are common injuries in many sports, including soccer, American football, running and hockey. In these sports they are not used in common movements, so they become tight from under-use. When the athlete moves into an uncommon position that stretches the hip flexor, injury can occur.

Therefore, preventative action must be taken. Hip flexors should become a target in every athlete’s warm up and stretching routine in order to prevent injury. Here is a video about how to exercise the hip flexors effectively, so you or your athletes have a full range of movement in the hip flexors during a game.

Getting into the habit of completing these exercises whenever you practice and before and after games can help prevent injury and time away from practice.

Use the Thomas Test featured in the video to test whether or not your hip flexors are tight. If they are, use the exercises provided to stretch them so they do not become a liability for you.