Top 4 Benefits Of Rebound Therapy

The Rebound Therapy or Rebound Exercise is a technique where exercises are performed on an elastic leverage providing device like a trampoline.

It includes simple jumping, Jumping Jacks, Twists, Dance Steps and much more. The trampolines typically used are smaller than regular trampolines, these are called Rebounders or Mini-Trampolines, 1.5 – 2 ft in radius, but a larger trampoline can also be used, as well as additional recreational options such as a trampoline with hoop attached like those here, or a built-in electronic game such as Springfree’s “tgoma”.

NASA conducted research on rebound therapy in 1980 which proved it was more beneficial than running or jogging.

The Top 4 Benefits of Rebound Therapy are as follows:

Improves Physical Stamina

Rebounding improves overall body condition. It works on all the areas of the body making them more strong and physically fit. This is a result of constant gravitational force which acts on the body parts while the body is in air.

  • Better Physical Strength
  • Better Muscular Development
  • Better Coordination

The rebound therapy helps to stimulate vestibule in the ear which provides better balance and coordination abilities

  • Better Skeletal System
  • Bone Mass increases
  • Increased cell endurance

The rebounding technique supports the production of mitochondria in cells which provide much more cell energy.

The jumps and moves performed while in air in a constrained amount of time, improves the overall flexibility of the body and increases coordination as well.

  • Strong arms, muscle tone
  • Low Impact exercise

The elastic property of the trampoline absorbs most of the shocks and impacts, reducing the stress on the joints hence lesser are the chances of the injury.

Improves Organ Systems

As we already know the rebound therapy helps in the overall body health, most important of them being the internal organ health. The cardiovascular system, The circulation system, the digestion system, these are all improved by rebound therapy.

This helps in preventing various fatal diseases. It increases the Lymph Flow which in turn increases the Immunity of the whole body. The white blood cells work more efficiently and the process of detoxification increases.

The respiratory system is also improved, the size of heart also increases. A major help provided by Rebounding is in the case of breast cancer. Girls on an average spend 12-14 hours a day in a bra, which reduces the blood flow towards the upper body region due to straps which leads to breast cancer. This technique gives enough blood flow to the whole body.

Various key aspects related to Organ systems are:

  • Increased RBC & WBC Production
  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Stronger Heart
  • increased heart volume and rest rate.
  • Improves Vision
  • Promotes growth of worn out tissues.
  • Lessen PMS Symptoms.
  • Great Weight loss technique
  • Enhancing the digestion process.

Better Mental Health

In this world full of stress and anxiety, rebounding gives you an opportunity to forget your stressful life for some time and relax. The stress level goes down very rapidly. The night sleep becomes more sound and deep, you become more calm and patient. The anger level decreases, temper problems are solved. Depression is a prevailing problem in many countries, the rebound therapy helps prevent this too.

The mental efficiency also increases hence the performance at work increases. Rebound Therapy is used in many MNC’s for managing stress levels of their employees including GOOGLE Headquarters in California, USA. Optimism is a key feature which develops in you along with this technique.

Other Miscellaneous Benefits

Ageing is a process which can’t be stopped but can be slowed down, the ageing process gets delayed by this therapy which is a concern for majority of the population. The cholesterol and triglyceride level reduces. Metabolism is stimulated hence reducing the risk of obesity. This technique is very less time consuming and cost efficient.

15 minutes a day is sufficient for an adult and The cost of Mini-Trampoline is quite less as compared to the benefits provided by the technique. Other Benefits include

  • Less Headaches
  • Relieves Back pains
  • Increases Thyroid output
  • Reduces cold, allergies etc.

It definitely is Hard to believe that a 15 minute technique can have so many benefits, But it is true. Adding Rebound Therapy in your daily routine will definitely change your view towards life and make your approach towards things more optimistic.

Many celebrities have been following this technique along with yoga to develop a health body. The pollution levels are increasing day by day, affecting our heart, lungs and rapidly reducing the life span. The Rebound Therapy can be performed anywhere, inside the house too, but its safer and more healthier to perform in open environment specially in morning.

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