Ankle Injury Rehab and Treatment

Ankle strengthening exercises work the intrinsic muscles of your ankle, possibly muscles you have never seen or heard of before.

First Step:

The first step in treatment is to alleviate the pain, or wait for it to heal. Only after the pain and swelling has subsided can these exercises be attempted. Otherwise, the healing time may be increased.

Specific Muscles

These exercises target specific muscles that keep the ankle in place, and allow it to be flexible. These muscles help to keep your ankle in the joint, so it is very important to exercise them during rehabilitation. Targeting these muscles helps to prevent re-injury by strengthening the muscles around the joint.

The movements for these exercises are very subtle. They are specifically designed by physiotherapists to target small muscles that are not usually targeted, or are only secondary to larger movements. Because these muscles are not usually strengthened enough, injury may occur during the course of a workout, a practice or a game.

Watch this video from FlexWell on how to target these small muscles and make re-injury less likely.